competition day  [ 2014 Račice, 11th ENDBC ]   25  Jul  ( Fri )    
  26  Jul  ( Sat )    
  27  Jul  ( Sun )    

there is also another version with the results, recommended for use on bigger screens (starting from 7") and powerful enough devices

the version you are using now is dedicated to small screens, in fact for smartphones

it is possible to automatically download the updated information

to set this mode of working just select the interval from the list

select "no refresh" option to prevent from automatic downloading – it's the default state !

be aware that you may select a particular racing day - with the appropriate button located at the top

you may open the list of all updates with the other button (with "refresh" or a particular time displayed on it) you may there also clear that list (it's advisable to do it from time to time) of force manual refreshing

please report any flaws or comments to Sławek Borucki